Private label in Germany's oldest soap manufactory

  • we are the specialist for individual solid soaps, shaving soaps, solid shampoos & solid conditioners since 1840
  • with the most modern equipment and centuries of experience we produce from 3.000 - 100.000+ soaps of the highest quality per production order
  • we work with startups as well as corporations
  • fast and reliable communication, modern working methods as well as highest production quality characterize us

solid soaps

  • solid bars of soap and solid shaving soaps
  • pH-Value > 10
  • palm oil-free & PETA certified
  • vegan soap base from olive oil from Greece
  • COSMOS Natural Cosmetics

solid hair care

  • solid shampoos and conditioners
  • vegan base
  • pH-Value ≈ 5,5
  • extremely high yield with excellent foaming properties

Natural cosmetic products

  • solid deodorant creme
  • essential oils
  • Body oils
  • Room sprays
  • COSMOS Natural Cosmetics

Our company was founded in Heidelberg over 180 years ago. Today, we still produce all our products in the Heidelberg region.

Our products are produced without plastic. We also do not use unnecessary plastic as filling material in shipping.

All our products and the ingredients they contain are vegan. Since 2021 our products are also officially PETA certified.

Our range of services

Minimum quantity soaps

  • 250kg base mass needed
  • weight = 100g ➜ 2.500 pieces
  • weight = 50g ➜ 5.000 pieces

Additional ingredients

  • various additives are possible, e.g.: Flower and plant components, nourishing oils, natural peeling substances and much more.
  • Colors based on food coloring

Logo embossing & mold

  • Choice of standard shapes with individual logo embossing basically possible
  • individual mold construction according to template possible

Other services

  • Assist with all regulatory requirements such as safety assessments, CPNP filings, etc. 
  • Choice of standard packaging available

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